Who am I

Blessed Tabvirwa

Senior Developer MEDITECH Holdings

My dream is to one day create a healthcare solution that works for the African environment, or any low resourced region such as rural communities, regardless of resources availability, be they technological, human resources or otherwise. I strongly believe that with technology these regions can leapfrog a lot of the challenges that are preventing the realisation of ‘Health For All’ in line with World Health Organisation’s Global Goal number 3 – Good health and well being for all.



Senior Developer


As a Senior Developer my primary role is supporting Product Managers, Product Specialists and Architects in their roles, be it investigating and resolving reported issues or designing, developing, testing and providing training on new product functionality. In addition I also feel it is my responsibility to keep myself updated in terms of latest developments within the MEDITECH ecosystem as well as the HealthIT space in general, to ensure I know what is happening and update my skills as and when needed either through the resources shared by MEDITECH Inc or through internet resources and online learning portals such as Lynda.com, Udacity, Coursera and the like. I also take it upon myself to try to ensure all programmers adhere to development best practices to the extent possible to try to ensure we produce a quality product at the end of the day.

Key responsibilities

  • Investigation and resolution of reported issues within the MEDITECH ecosystem (both application and platform related issues)
  • Design, programming, documentation, testing and training on new product(s) features
  • Assisting with new systems setups as and when required by the Systems Architect
  • Mentoring newer employees as well as existing ones
  • Self training/learning the various MEDITECH technologies where possible, using available resources (Google Drive, Sites, ALM Tools, Staff intranet and wiki sites)
  • Knowledge sharing within the Product Development team as well as with other departments to the extent possible
  • Enforce coding standards/best practices among all departments
  • Coding Standards Advocate for the group
  • MEDITECH Brand Ambassador
  • Member of MEDITECH SA Social Media Team

In addition to my defined responsibilities I also take it upon myself to try to do the following:

  • Impromptu discussions with other members of staff to find out how we are doing in terms our processes, workflows, and solutions to identify areas of improvement and where necessary to encourage self learning or innovation in their respective areas to make life easier for them and ultimately improve our customer service and solutions offerings
  • Research and Development for new/emerging technologies (both MEDITECH and non-MEDITECH)
  • Encourage innovation to better our processes/workflow
  • Encourage self learning/development among staff
  • Networking with MEDITECHers from the US for learning purposes or assistance with investigations
  • Participate in open meetings by the US teams such as the Coding Standards group meetings (every two months) and the MEDITECH Advanced Technology Sprint Reviews (monthly)

Personal Education Initiatives

  • Regular participation and engagement with other members of the HealthIT community in our key market areas through online channels (social media and online community forums). Some social media communities I take part in include:
    • #hcsmSA (Healthcare Social Media South Africa),
    • #hcsmZW (Health Social Media Zimbabwe)
    • #HITsm (HealthIT Social Media – US primarily),
    • #hcldr (Healthcare Leadership – US primarily),
    • #xMed (Exponential Medicine – Singularity University),
    • #pinksocks (A community of people in healthcare mostly, concerned about doing good in the world)
    • #healthITChicks (A community of women in HealthIT)
  • Attending in person or virtually, Healthcare conferences, Social Media tweetchats, Webinars and Developer meetups to keep abreast of developments in the Health IT sector
  • Regular research on Digital Health initiatives for developing as well as developed countries e.g. While working on the Botswana Offline solution I reviewed the Finish PHR initiative to see if we could borrow some ideas for our design from them
  • Regular review of major healthcare interoperability projects for regions such as the US (SMARTonFHIR, Argonaut, BlueButton),  UK (NHS/INTEROpen CareConnect), Australia (Argonaut), Rwanda (OpenHIE), South Africa (HIE) to name a few
  • Taking part in open source communities discussion forums to see what we can learn (if any) from open source EHR/EMR implementations, especially for low resourced/developing regions e.g. openEHR, HospitalRun, openEMR and openMRS to name a few


Senior Applications Developer

2010 – 2012

Being the only the developer working together with the Company owner my responsibilities included but were not limited to requirements gathering, solution design, development, testing, training, installation and ongoing support of deployed we based software solutions for a range of industries including but not limited to healthcare. I was also tasked with researching the adoption new web technologies that could benefit the company’s operations and/or our customers.

Liquipath Laboratories

Contract IT Consultant/Developer

2009 – 2009

I was employed on contract, my primary responsibility being the design, development, implementation, training and ongoing support of a web based Laboratory Information Management System for the Lab. The implementation of this system allowed the company to reduce software licensing cost that were used to pay for an off-the-shelf package they were leasing from a Pretoria based firm and that enabled them to be slightly more profitable allowing them to improve the remuneration packages for their long term employees. At the end of the project I was asked to stay a few more months until the Lab Technicians were comfortable running and maintaining the new system.

Cyberplex Africa

Projecs Support Officer

2007 – 2008

Project Planning, Tracking, Staffing, Requirements gathering and management, Change management,
Deadline management, Project reporting, Client expectations management, Project resources management, Development, and User Training


Applications Developer

2005 – 2007

Systems Analysis Design, Testing and Deployment, Project Team Leadership,
Graphics Designing (prototyping and screen designing), Web Applications Development, System Maintenance & Support, User Training, Research & Analysis       



Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree


HL7 International

HL7 FHIR Fundamentals



MCSE Data Management & Analytics



MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014



MCTS Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3





Midlands State University

BSc Honours Computer Science

AUGUST 2001 – JUNE 2005


Leadership skills

A High Tolerance For Ambiguity
Team Leadership
Strategic communication
Quality Assurance
A Capacity To Understand And Embrace New Technology
Realistic optimism
Relationship Management
Problem Solving
Time Management and Prioritization

Technical skills

HL7 v2, v3 (C-CDA),
FHIR interface development
HospitalRun, openEMR,opemMRS, openPHR
NHS/INTEROpen Care Connect
.NET, SQL Server, MariaDB, mySQL, SQLite

Published by Blessed Tabvirwa

Residing in Gaborone Botswana, Married to my beautiful Isobel and have an awesome son Tyrecea. Hold a BSc Honours Computer Science, MCSE Data Management & Analytics, HL7 v2, v3, FHIR, Mobile Web Specialist, MEDITECH. I see Digital Technology as the enabler for the developing world to leapfrog challenges that are preventing the realization of "Health For All" in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages (https://bit.ly/2FBmdBS).

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