Verita Healthcare Group acquires three digital health startups as part of its global expansion plans

Above photo: Julian Andriesz, Founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare Group.

Singapore-founded Verita Healthcare Group, an integrated provider of preventative, personalised healthcare announced that it has strategically invested in three digital healthcare businesses, spanning Asia and Europe, as part of its international expansion and consolidation strategy. Verita Healthcare Group was founded in 2015 and has offices in Asia, Europe and the USA.

The three digital health businesses acquired by the company are nBuddy, CelliHealth and Hanako.

nBuddy is a chronic disease management (“CDM”) app built in Singapore and primarily focused on supporting the needs of the huge Asian population of people who have chronic health issues such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. The platform provides tools plan and track healthy eating habits, adopt an active lifestyle and support positive behavioural change. It comprises meal planning, recipes, food, activity and biometric tracking, edutainment content, and is underpinned by nutrition coaches and chat groups.

CelliHealth is a digital wellness app that enables users to capture and analyse data from offline health screenings (e.g. annual health check) and their everyday health and lifestyle data from sync’d mobile health apps and IOT devices / wearables, to create health scores, reports and insights, leading to tailored recommendations on how to manage their lifestyle and personal health risks / issues to achieve their wellness goals. The app will be rebranded as “Verita Wellness” and will launch in Singapore in Q4 2019 to select clients including employees of corporations and members / patients of Verita’s insurance and healthcare partners.

Hanako is a mobile health check platform from Germany that uses portable, high-end medtech screening equipment together with powerful cloud-based analytics and AI to provide a range of real-time health checks with detailed analysis, reports, insights, health recommendations and doctor consultations – effectively enabling fast-checks and annual health checks to be taken on-site to corporates, communities and retail environments.


“These targeted investments fit well with our long-term goal for Verita. We have a strong acquisition and partnership strategy which has seen Verita Wisdom grow quickly over the last 18 months. We plan to make more investments in the near future which will result in Verita Wisdom becoming the largest and best digital health platform in the world in terms of user base, services, geographical reach, proven outcomes and profitability. 
“With each acquisition we look for a proposition that adds value to our clients, providing greater choice and smarter technology, as well the ability to integrate with our current services. With CelliHealth, nBuddy and Hanako we’ll be able to help more users take greater control of their health.”
“The integration of these platforms under Verita Wisdom complements the Group’s other services, which include treatment and product manufacturing centres around the world, making proactive healthcare more accessible than ever,” commented Julian Andriesz, Founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare Group in a statement. 


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